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HARMS Lohnhärterei has been operating Europe's largest gas carburising unit since the summer of 1999

The unit is equipped with the latest monitoring and control equipment.

All process data is stored in digital terms, and filed through a process management system.

A special method was developed to minimise delays.


Diameter:         4,000mm
Depth:              1,700mm
Batch weight: 

Another two gas carburising units are available to give additional flexibility:

One furnace for gears:

       Diameter:         2,800mm
       Depth:              1,750mm
     Batch weight:  18.000kg

One furnace for shafts

       Diameter:         1,350mm
       Depth:              5.000mm
       Batch weight: 

Designed to achieve carburisation depths up to 7.0mm. The furnaces employ the nitrogen-methanol-propane process; they are controlled, regulated and monitored through a process management system. Hardening depth and hardness pattern are computed through a diffusion computer module. Products are quenched in heavy-duty quenching oil, using a high-intensity forced circulation approach. All heat treatment operations are performed in a controlled atmosphere.

The company maintains its own advanced laboratory and a specimen workshop.

A quality assurance system is maintained to ensure a high quality standard with respect to case depth, uniform hardness (HRC), marginal skin decarburisation, and dimensional stability of large components. Implementation of this system, and decades of employee experience demonstrate the strengths of the business. HARMS has become a reliable partner to many renowned customers at home and abroad. Value for money, quality, and service to schedule have made HARMS rank high among customers who require heat treatment of large components.

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